LR ED 10X34




With its light weight of just 480g and accompanied by a neoprene shoulder strap, it’s great for birders of all ages, even children, allowing for the whole family to enjoy birdwatching trips together.

The LR series design creates a natural and stable grip for the user. Holding it with one hand you can easily adjust the focus with the other. The visible field of view is clear, with true color, and distortion-free.

IPX-7 level waterproofing means it’s protected against water immersion and can stay immersed in water 1m deep for up to 30 minutes. It can also be used in all types of weather.



  • Ultra-Bright & Super-Light
    • ED (Olive-Green): 86% total light transmission and weight of 510g.
    • Japanese optical design produces clear imagery while greatly reducing edge distortion and chromatic aberration.
  • Ergonomic Open Hinge Design and Stable Grip
    • With a close focus of up to 2m for ED and 3m for HD, it’s not only good for bird watching but perfect for viewing insects and butterflies as well.
  • IPX7 waterproof and fog-proof, nitrogen-purged
  • Accessorized for Your Convenience
    • Pre-installed strap and harness-compatible buckle, ready to use right out of the box.
    • Twist-up eye cups, ocular lens caps and objective lens caps all removable.
  • Anti-tangling strap design

Technical Specification

Technical Specification




Objective Diameter (mm)


Eye relief (mm)


Exit pupil (mm)


Close focusing distance (m)


Interpupillary distance (mm)


Dioptric compensation (dpt)

+/- 4.0


Fully multi-coated

Focusing system

Center Focus

Field of view (m @ 1000m)


Field of view (degree)


ED Glass



Bak4 w/Phase coating+Dielectric coating


Weight (g)


Weight (oz)



Twist-up eyecup


Swissamotec 98™ Body Construction

Dimension (WXHXD mm)

127 X 130 X 45


Functional temperature

-10 ~ 50 degree celcius

Storage temperature

-10 ~ 50 degree celcius

Submersion tightness



Standard Accessories

Neoprene neck strap, Ocular protective cap, Objective detachable stay-on protective cap,Water-resistant Protective Pouch

User Testimonial - Melbourne birding tours

User Testimonial - Melbourne birding tours

Chris Doughty from Melbourne birding tours

The new Optisan LR ED is extremely lightweight, only 480 grams, 100% waterproof, the optics are first class, the light gathering ability is very good, producing a high resolution, and very sharp image, they are also close focusing, and very importantly, they represent exceptional value for money.

There is nothing not to like about them. They are innovative, the strap is very wide, spreading the weight over a larger area, making them very comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time.  The swivel-clip-on strap is also very innovative, so easy to use and makes it impossible for the strap to come loose and the binoculars fall to the ground, damaging the prisms.

User Testimonial - Professional bird guide from Taiwan

User Testimonial - Professional bird guide from Taiwan

WU Jianlong, Professional bird guide & award-winning bird books translator

Optisan, a local Taiwan brand, has been actively involved in promoting nature observation activities in recent years. In 2023, they launched two new models, creatively named ‘ Coucal Brown’ and ‘Olive-backed Pipit Green.’ Both models come in 8x and 10x magnifications, with an objective lens diameter of 34mm. Aside from the color difference, both models share the same structural design, featuring the popular open-hinge design that allows easy single-handed grip. The positioning of the focus wheel is ergonomic, although there is a slight tension when rotating it to the extremes.

The green model is slightly heavier, but the weight difference is almost imperceptible when held. The eyecup adjustment adopts a two-stage elevation, accommodating most users’ preferred heights. However, I think the eyecup can have more stiffness to avoid dropping at the middle position. My Brown model, in particular, tends to be pressed down easily, which can be bothersome for those accustomed to observing in the middle setting. Yet, if you wear glasses and push the eyecups all the way down, this won’t be an issue.

The single-piece detachable design of the objective lens covers is practical for users who often remove them during use. This prevents interference when observing with the covers raised. The attachment and detachment of the objective lens covers are easy, and so far, there haven’t been situations where the covers accidentally fell off when taking the binoculars out of a backpack. I am quite satisfied with this design.

The eyepiece cover, like most binoculars, uses a single-bridge design. Optisan cleverly employs a hook and loop fastener to connect one side of the eyepiece cover and the shoulder strap rope. I find this design ingenious and believe other manufacturers could learn from it. Why do I appreciate this design? Traditionally, the shoulder strap rope would directly pass through the side of the eyepiece cover. If the material of the eyepiece cover is not strong enough, the constant pulling and stress would lead to breakage over time. However, with this small connecting ring, the force applied to the side of the eyepiece cover is significantly reduced, extending its lifespan considerably.

Speaking of the shoulder strap, Optisan binoculars come with the straps pre- threaded, saving users a lot of trouble. After unboxing, users only need to hook the clasps at both ends of the shoulder strap onto the D-rings on both sides of the binoculars to use it. What’s even better is that the hook can rotate, solving the issue of strap entanglement. Fantastic! In terms of optical imaging, the Green model features ED lenses, while the Coucal Brown does not. The Green does have better image quality in field tests. Especially in dark areas and suppressing purple fringing surpasses.”


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