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We partner with the best shooters and bird watchers to co-develop our optical and mechanical systems, ensuring they can withstand the challenges of the field while still meeting the demands of competitions. Our rigorous testing and constant improvements have earned the approval of champions across Europe.

To guarantee the highest quality, each of the 90-150 components that make up your optic undergoes over 200 quality control checks, all of which are performed in-house.

Customer Testimonials

The glass on the new Optisan is some of the best out there. When I look through it, the colours are vivid and when I am looking at a target at 45 yards, I am able to see clearly the leaves and grasses by the target move around, and this can be a real boon for gauging the wind. I haven’t suffered any white-out, and with the sunshade fitted there is no issue in the darkest of woodland. These CP scopes do not have an illuminated reticule, but to be honest, I have never lost the MH10 ret, even on the darkest of days, so for me, it’s never been an issue.
Gary Chillingworth
Champion HFT Shooter
Starting in 2017, we've been using Optisan binoculars for our monthly Public Raptor TourGuide. These birdwatching-rated binoculars from Optisan have been a game-changer, allowing participants to fully appreciate the variety of raptors and their behavior during the tour. Thanks to Optisan, our group has been able to promote raptor watching like never before.
Raptor Research Group of Taiwan
Guide Team
We conduct monthly bird surveys with the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute in Budai and hold birdwatching activities on the third Sunday of each month. Using the Optisan PL ED 15-60X80 scope helps both of these run smoothly. It’s our hope that through outreach activities, participants will develop an interest in birds, be it their appearance or behavior. To this end, Optisan's smart phone adapter ring function is great. It allows participants to see images directly on their phones which really boosts interest. This fine piece of equipment is really great for use in public birdwatching activities!
Budai Salt Pan Wetlands
Bird Censors
During the 2023 Raptor Monitoring at Guantou Mountain(冠头岭), with the support of Optisan Optics, whether it was monitoring or guided public raptor-watching activities, all participants could use binoculars to observe raptors. Most of the participants at the ridge were birdwatching for the first time. As they raised their binoculars, the small black dots in the sky suddenly became clear, and the profound impact of raptor flights was etched into their hearts!
Guangxi Biodiversity Research and Conservation Association (BRC)
Migratory Raptor Censors
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